YHC always enjoys the good fight. It’s a great workout to go to but can be a tricky one to come up with a weinke. Talked with Silverback yesterday for advice. Went something like this!

Warmup: 5 burpees, run to stop light at Tapped and back, 5 burpees.

The Thang:

Partner up with anybody, weight of KB doesn’t matter (until I got Grout).

  • Partner 1 lunge with KB to first tree and back while partner 2 does KB Thrusters and then flapjack.
  • Partner 1 hold KB over head to swing set and back while other partner 2 does sumo sqts to high pull.
  • Partner 1 farmer carry both KBs to second tree while other partner does merkins.

Mosey to the straight sidewalk beside playground and return to shelter.

Tabata: 2 rounds with 3 sets a piece

  • 1: Pullups, Urkins, KB Press and KB step-ups
  • 2: KB Swings (merica), R arm rows, L arm rows and Goblet Squats.

Mosey straight sidewalk again and return to shelter.

EMOM: 6 mins 10 curls and 10 tricep extensions.

Mary: Spinal Tap minute of flutter kicks.


  • Jokers Nephew, Grouts family friend with business, Captain Obvious mother with breast cancer diagnosis, Rickey Hines (Re-Count) wife put in in-patient hospice.
  • Lunch Tomorrow at Five Guys
  • Post tomorrow somewhere because everybody said they were the Q somewhere!


Great push by all this morning. Thank you Silverback for allowing me the opportunity to Q this morning. Until next time!


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