0530 Pledge of allegiance 

Warm up:


10 Good mornings IC

10 Michael Phelps IC

10 arm circles F/B IC

Flag run to traffic light and back  

YHC had to break out the playlist featuring Led Zeppelin, Earth Wind & Fire, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Ted Nugent, The Ramones and BTO (String Bean I hope you’re reading).

Set up at the shelter for a TABATTA 4 rounds 30 seconds on 15 seconds rest

KB thrusters

Curls for the girls

OH tricep extension

KB flutter kicks

One suicide in the parking lot with back petal back

Round 2


Right arm shoulder press

Left arm shoulder press

V ups

One suicide in the parking lot with carioka back

By request from Scotty Moe:

6 sets of Sunrise/Sunset

2 sets of cleans R/L


YHC’s mom

All unspoken prayers 

Convergence at Snooki’s farm on Saturday


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