I was asked Tuesday if I wanted to Q and it had been  awhile for me so I accepted. I had 2 goals in mind 1) keep it simple. 2) make it effective.

The Thang

Pledge of allegiance

Merkins X 10

Squats X 10

Run to Tapped stoplight

Circle of Death

Curls X 25

Tricep ext X 25

Goblet Squats X 25

Kb swings x20

Rinse and repeat X 3 having each pax call each workout (Broke it down to 10 reps on the 3 rotation because we were all hurting)

Overhead arm clap X 75 4 count

Dora (partner up) lunge back

100 X kb swings

200 X kb drag through

300 X WW1 with KB

I had a great time Qing and I hope to have the time to Q more often so that I can get better at it. It had been so long that I had forgotten how my camera timer worked and apparently how to set my camera on a KB. About 1 second after the picture was taken my phone jumped off of the KB. Also I reaped my 3rd “I don’t think I’m coming when you Q from now on” soul. I don’t know if this is a good “the workouts are tough” thing or if “I need to settle down” thing. Y’all let me know! Either way I had a great time with some brothers this morning!

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