About a month ago, YHC was asked if he would be willing to take on the challenge of Q’ing a beatdown at the Good Fight.  After attending multiple beatdowns, at the site, and seeing the large number of PAX who attend YHC was quick to jump on the opportunity.  Since YHC had too much time on his hands to plan for the beatdown and noticed how fast paced the beatdowns can be he decided to slow things down… way down.  So the day came, it was 0530 and it was time to…


WARMUP (focusing on warming up the shoulders, core and legs)

Around the World – 5 Clockwise / 5 Counter-Clockwise x IC

Halos – 5 x IC

Sumo Squat – 10 x IC



It was told to the PAX each repetition would contain a slow count cadence (eccentric) movement with an explosive (fast) movement back to starting position of the exercise.  Rounds 1 and 2 were conducted under the picnic shelter.


Round 1:

Lying Down Chest Press – 20 x IC

Pull-Ups – 10 x IC

Single Arm Shoulder Press – 10 x IC each arm

Goblet Squats – 10 x IC

Kettlebell Side Stretch – 10 x IC each side

The pull-ups were obviously a fan favorite within the PAX.  Just about everyone had great things to say about the exercise with a couple of PAX wanting more.


Round 2:

Single Arm Chest Press – 10 x IC each arm

Chin-Ups – 10 x IC

Upright Rows – 13 x IC

Lunges – 10 x IC each leg

American Hammer – 10 x IC (alternating each side)

The chin-ups were again a fan favorite with the upright rows being a close second.  Then during the lunges some of the PAX decided to intensify the exercise by placing their foot on the seat of the bench.  YHC told the PAX it was an option but didn’t really expect anyone to adhere to the challenge.  Rounds 3 and 4 were held in the open field.


Round 3:

Close Handed Merkins – 10 x IC

Lawnmowers (Single Arm Row) – 10 x IC each arm

Anterior Shoulder Raise – 10 x IC

Side Lunge – 10 x IC each leg


Round 4:

Skull Crushers – 10 x IC

Curls for the Girls – 10 x IC

Balance Shoulder Press – 10 x IC each leg

Single-Legged Deadlift – 10 x IC each leg

Before the Balance Shoulder Press, it was shown to the PAX to balance on one leg while doing a shoulder press with both arms.  However, The Situation decided to intensify this exercise by balancing on one leg and then doing a shoulder press with just one arm.  YHC was excited to see the PAX taking the exercises to another level.



Because the PAX moved at such a gorgeous pace we had time to conduct a bonus round at the picnic shelter.  This round contained an elevator series of exercises… meaning for the specified amount of time YHC would call out bottom, middle or top floor.  You could just hear the excitement from the PAX when this was explained to them.


Elevator Merkins – 1 minute

Elevator Pull-Ups – 1 minute

Elevator Pike Press – 1 minute

Elevator Squats – 30 seconds (no top floor for this exercise)


After we completed the squats we moseyed on over to the flag as time struck 0615.



Prayer for PAX recovery

Prayers for Aquaman’s Mother going into hospice care

Prayers for Hot Spot’s 2.0s final exams

Prayers for Fruity Pebble’s friend (Adolphus Leonard) having a heart attack

Praise for the Closed Hand losing 20 pounds



Rafiki’s Mission team selling spaghetti plates at the Student Center tomorrow, May 31st

Scotty Moe with the Q at West Side Story

Sasquatch and BRR coming up in near future (sign up)

Silverback passing down the site Q responsibilities to Candy Cane

Boston Lager to Q the Good Fight next week



Although the beatdown seemed to be a change of pace for the site, everyone of the PAX pushed through with intensity and energy.  It was great to see the PAX working hard while also taking some of the exercises to another level to get the most out of the beatdown.  Thank you for allowing YHC to be your Q for today as it is always a fun time to lead a bunch of highly motivated men.  I hope everyone has a blessed day.

– Captain Obvious

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