Blessed to have the Q for my 39th Birthday!

Warm Up

  • SSH x 39
  • Butt Kickers x 39

The Thang

Indian Run to end of Stewart Parkway. Attempted to have the line leader carry a stone paver while running but Cornhole had other plans. Glad I gave a disclaimer.

PAX lined up starting at the first light pole and performed 3 Merkins, Zombie Walk to next light pole, 9 Squats, Sprint to next light pole, rinse and repeat to Estuarium.

Continue running boardwalk stopping halfway at bench to perform Dips x 39

Finish running boardwalk to curb.

Each PAX grabbed some curb and performed Mike Tyson’s x 3, Bear Crawl to curb on other side of the street, Dips x 9, Crab Walk back to starting point, rinse and repeat x 3

Moseyed west down Water Street back to large gazebo at Festival Park.

Circled up for some Mary.

Countorama, 11 pax


Prayers-  Hurricane victims, F3/FiA Oyster Roast

As always thanks for the opportunity to Q!

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