Up Straddle Hop (10 per leg)

Non-alternating shoulder taps (5)

Planet Hulk (10 merkins:4 air presses, 9 merkins: 8 air presses . . .)

Pax Moseyed to the board walk; how to proceed with N.U.M.B.S. was explained, while Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” gently soothed our minds as we blocked out the pain.

N.U.M.B.S. (5,4,3,2,1)

Non-alternating Shoulder Taps (5) or modify No Irkins, only Derkins

Up Straddle Hops-Alternate Legs (4)

Merkins (3)

Burpess (2)

Squat jump (1)

Native American run back to shovel flag. Remained in line and divided into teams (1,2,1,2 . . . )

On Pitch (Field ≈ 30 yrds. X 30 yrds. w/ 3 yrd. goal)

Bear/Crab soccer: no goalies.

Off Pitch

1 player from each team chosen to go off pitch.  1 player flip tire to cone, while other Player pull tire to cone, until a goal is scored on Pitch.  Distance between cones ≈ 30 yrds.; tire ≈ 100lbs.

Not sure how faithful we were to remaining in Bear/Crab position, but we had just done about 50 Non-alternating Shoulder Taps.  So, we had a pretty good excuse.

AMRAP Mary on pitch with rotating Q calling fave Mary, while off Pitch rotating Pax continued with tire flips and tire pulls.


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