Warm up
• Slaughter (pronounced Slaawder) Starter with slurred pronunciation. Conch claimed drunkenness and the day began – 15 Burpees OYO
• Mosey around the park stopped in the parking lot for 18 SSH in cadence. Picked up Baggett as he rolled in excited to join us.
• Mosey out to Market street for Carolina dry docks – 18 in cadence. Found a Dark30 Rucker coming through the night guided by a new headlamp – It was Enron wearing his Ruck and ready to work
• Mosey down the side walk for Squats – 20 in cadence
• Mosey back to the starting point for the thang
The Thang
The PAX were excited to see a variation of coupons placed on the curb.
15, 20, 25, 50 pound dumbs bells/40 and 60-pound sandbags, various ruck sacks, and F3 tattooed concrete blocks were all available.
Partner up and push as hard as you wish. Using the circle the PAX would combine to complete the following rounds while the other partner runs with the coupon of the their choice to the end of the parking lot and back.
1 lap – Bear Crawl
1 lap – side shuffle (inside)
1 lap – Zombie Walk
1 lap – side shuffle (outside)
1 lap – Crab Walk
Ended with a brief MARY – 6” and spell the Alphabet – made it to F
Prayer Requests:
Pray for Duct Tape’s Dad and Mother-in-Law. Pray for those struggling with the stomach virus
Novocain with the Q on Thursday
After some good comic relief from the burpees the PAX enjoyed the run and geared up for the coupon partner adventure. It was lots of fun and each time most guys would change up attempting a different coupon. Shout out to Cousin IT for venturing out early and making the trip to Washington.

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