Every now and then we have a change of plans. Had Candy Cane lined up to RUN with us, but he had someone cancel at The Good Fight, so HAVE NO FEAR, MAYHEM IS HERE!!  I will have you all know that Gamecock came to my house and I was WAITING in the driveway. As we drove in the backway, down Marvin Jarman Woad (that’s how Marvin says it) we see two headlamps where a few PAX got in some EC. The shovel flag was planted, and we briefly stretched along with some good conversation. Finally the two headlamps appear looking like the Pactolus Light running toward us right at 5:30am. Started on time.

The Thang

Mayhem said “Follow me” and we started running toward Arlington Blvd. On the way, my man Strokes comes in on two wheels, but we knew he’d catch up to us so we kept going. We turned right on Hooker Road and Strokes finally caught up to us at the Chicken Shack! Conversational pace allowed for some good 2nd F while we ran to Home Builders Supply at 2000 Dickinson Avenue just under the RR Trestle.

YHC told the PAX that my Dad used to own and manage Home Builders and as a kid, if I happened to be at his office during a heavy rain, I can remember cars driving stubbornly underneath that trestle, ultimately flooding out their cars! So it was on my mind to lead the PAX on a beatdown that involved Home Builders and that RR Trestle! Since the address is 2000 Dickinson Avenue…….2000/11 PAX is about 200 LBC’s each.

YHC instructed everyone to partner up; while one partner runs HARD downhill under the RR Trestle and uphill to the stop light at Piggly Wiggly and then back to HB; other partner is doing LBC’s awaiting their return. Flapjack, until both of you have completed your 200 LBC’s. 1/4 mile to stop light and back.

After we were done we moseyed back to Marvin Jarman Woad and back past the shovel flag to the track.  YHC always asks my step son Chip “how was school today” and he says “good”. I ask “what was so good about it” and he says “recess”.  So YHC decided to give our PAX 10 minutes of recess / free play.  Go get all you want on the track! Some PAX got in an extra mile, some got less. Nobody walked.

Back to shovel flag at 6:15

Count O Rama and Name O Rama

Prayer Requests



We had several PAX members open up during prayer requests and announcements today. It was open, honest discussion amongst men and Brothers of F3. What’s said in the Circle of Trust stays there, but I will say that none of us are perfect. None of us are without sin. In a world where Facebook and social media allows people to put their best foot forward and appear outwardly that everything is great…..the truth is that we all have our struggles. Don’t go through it alone. Share your troubles with your spouse. Share them with your family. It is important that our kids know that life is NOT perfect. Adults have things they go through all the time. If our kids see their parents meeting problems HEAD ON and overcoming obstacles, then they too will learn to face adversity the same way. Trust God to show us all the way. And by the way…..if an F3 Brother out there ever needs an ear to listen, you can call me and I will be there for any of you. I am sure many of you feel the same way. Iron Sharpens Iron.

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