When Novocaine asked me to Q last Saturday I told him it would be raining sideways. We lucked out 70% chance of rain but it didn’t.  This was my version of a Pub Run since we couldn’t do the real thing.

The Thang

Try to hit 3 pubs this morning, Pitt St., Mpourium, and Uptown Brewery.

Left on Arlington, left on Evans, left on 8th, right on Ficklin, right on Dickinson, left on Evans and reverse at Uptown Brewery.

Prayer request:

Half-Pipe applying for new job position

String Bean’s friend who needs guidance in rebuilding his life.  Look for signs that things are not right.  Many put on a happy face when inside things are very dark.

Candy Cane’s grandmother

Injured PAX

The reopening of North Carolina

Novocaine thanks for giving me the opportunity to Q this morning.  It made me get up this morning and push my body even when it’s not a 100%.  Enjoyed talking with Joker for the first time and getting to know him a little better. I’m inspired and motivated by every PAX I train with in F3.  Happy to see you in the gloom.


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