When Gamecock originally asked me to Q  today, I figured I was done with Star Course and needed to run a little. When I told Jock Itch where I was going to post today, he replied “That’s a running work out.” I guess sometimes  you have to go both ways to see all the fellas you’ll like > Run and Ruck.   13 studs posted at Rose High.

The Thang –  The word Fartlek is Swedish for “speed play”. So today was designed to fartlek. I often think like a middle school boy, so I figured that word is also appropriate.  The plan was simple. Run from Rose High to the top of College Hill. Sprint for 30 seconds after every time we come back for the six.  Figured it’s 2.1 miles. We can easily do that, sprint College Hill and make it back in an hour. The plan went well, until we got to College Hill. It was then that Tonka asked a good question. When the Q plans a hour long workout and only has 45 minutes then any good plan is quickly modified. Sometimes it’s modified like a monkey throwing poo in a box fan. We made one trip up and down College Hill, and then went back slower than we came. At least that’s what she says. We got back late.  That’s the Qs responsibility. Sorry about that fellas.

BOM/COT – Prayers for injured pax. Prayers for Hot Pursuit. Praises for Pied posting again.

Moleskin – It was funny to see Aquaman say “oh” when he looked in the back of my car this morning and saw the whiteboard.  I think he tinkled in his pants like a little puppy dog. However, the whiteboard remained in place, and all we did was run. Gamecock certainly won the wet T-shirt contest. Tonka looked like the patriotic prostitute, while the Q just looked like he grabbed his daughters shorts. String Bean like normal kept everybody talking. Base Burglar set the pace the entire time. That dude said he “hopes” to make the Cross Country team. Heck, he will lead it.   Angus seems like a steady ultra marathon runner, but that man has jets when he wants to use him. Wimpy wants to be a stud, and Oscar Meyer is a wiener.  Rafiki keeps getting faster and Noonan leads even from behind.  One day Gamecock is going to pull up in the Mayham’s driveway and he will actually be ready to get in the car. One day.

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