It’s that time of the year when the first item of discussion is how many layers and what clothes people are going to wear on the run.  Starting out everyone is cold, but it is not long into the run when we all want to shed.  But, ready or not, it was 5:30.

Circle 1:  From the flag, take a lap around the Oval Office (track) and back to the flag.  Some ran fast and took several laps around the oval in the parking lot as well.

Circle 2.  From the flag, run the campus perimeter and meet up at the flag which is right at a total of 1.5 miles.  A couple of pax saw the shooting star.  I forgot to make a wish, but String Bean said it was not really a star and it was Novocaine.  That dude was fast today!

Circle 3: From the flag, run to Arlington, to Evans and take a left.  Run to Howell and take a left and run to Hooker.  There we take a left to Arlington and back to the flag. This circle was about 2.8 miles.

I was the 6 and got back a minute late.  I should have sped up on Howell.  Most got 5ish miles.

Circle 4:  Circle of Trust

  • Prayer/Praise:  Half Pipe and his M are on the hunt for jobs and String Bean is going to Patch’s house to speak to some kids
  • Announcements:  Date Night Saturday at MPourium
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