The gloom was thick, the legs and eye lids were heavy and the traffic was steady. YHC stayed up late last night watching some hoops and apparently the rest of our Pax did as well. Today’s route was designed but a few minutes into, YHC decided to call and audible and make it easier to understand.

At 5:25 we had 4 pax, then down to 3 as Past Due had to find a holding cell for a few minutes … Then Strokes came in on 2 wheels and Past Due rejoined us; at 05:30 we were off ..

The Thang
– Take a left on Arlington and run for 22 minutes – then turn around and come back.
– Grammar and Strokes led the Pax, they made it down past Youngs Physical Therapy (no sighting of Crazy Horse)
– YHC, Past Due and Slim Jim made it to that location then turned around
– All Pax made it back to flag right at 06:15

Prayer Requests
– Mayhem’s family
– Injured Pax

Good to see Strokes and Grammar, haven’t seen either of those guy in a few weeks. Good conversations, good pace, good morning for running. Pax got anywhere from 4.0 – 4.8 miles.

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