Thanks for the Q, Novo!

YHC had an idea… Occasionally this happens. 🙂

There would be two letter sized envelopes, numbered 1 and 2 with two pieces of paper inside.

Each piece of paper had one word written on it.

The first man that showed up in the Parking Lot would step in the middle and choose.

This morning it was Grammar.

Grammar chose Number 2.

Nice choice, Grams!

It is good thing to focus on one Number 2 every day.

He opened the letter.

The word was MULBERRY.

The PAX would run to Mulberry and back.

The turnaround was the Youngs PT building.

2 miles out.

2 miles back.

The PAX was encouraged to discuss the one word movement during the run.

The PAX had 3 minutes to spare when returning to the Shovel Flag and hit some laps around the track.

AquaMan was called to pray us out.

There will be no grizzly bears taking his ice cold fish anytime soon…

You have to ask him about that.

There is guaranteed laughter.

Matlock is having an F3 party at his home.

Check Slack for details.

It was a simple plan, a powerful gathering, and an impactful morning.

One letter. One number. One word.

String Bean Out

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