Novocaine asked me to Q and YHC suggested it might good idea to break up the pattern of just some out and back distance runs.  Thought it would be a good time to add a little Centric back in the Run. So here’s the plan I put together.


Run around the outer limits of JH Rose property and meet back at the flag. Approx. 1.2 miles

The Thang

Headed to the track for some fartlek.

3 laps of 100m regular run then lengthening your normal stride by 2-6” for the rest if the lap.

1 lap running but not using or swinging your arms at all

1 lap holding your arms out like an airplane (allowed 5 sec arms down half way)

1 lap running but not using or swinging your arms at all

1 lap of 100m sprint then walking the corners, then 100m sprint and recover walk.

Now RedBox lined the PAX up single file and announced the thang for a Whistle Run.

RedBox handed the first PAX in line a water bottle and we started running single file. The water bottle was then passed backwards to the next PAX and continued down the line to the end. When the water bottle got to the end, that PAX would run the bottle to the front behind RedBox.  Whenever RedBox would blow the whistle, the PAX holding the bottle would need to hand off the bottle and get out of line to complete 10 Merkins. Then catch back up to the end of the line. If the bottle fell at any time, both PAX in the exchange would need to step out of line and complete 10 Merkins. Due to time constraints, we were only able to complete 2 laps even though all the PAX were begging YHC to keep going.  So we all completed 10 Merkins OYO and then headed back to the flag.

Count O Rama and Name O Rama

Prayer requests

College of the Holy Cross rowing team. Van accident killing one student-athlete and injuring 13.

Half-pipe injuries for 50k and other ultra-running events up coming.

Closed with prayer.


Stern completed a few F3 interviews for On-Air commercials with some PAX about why they joined F3 and why they stay.  Thanks Stern for continuing to promote F3.

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