With it being Sasquatch season, running is on the rise and today is no exception.  With the promise of miles, seven PAX-less the co site Q’s, gathered at 0530.

The Thang

Laps around the school with catch me if you can.  Round 1- 10 merkins when caught.  Round 2- 5 Burpees.  Round 3- 10 WWII sit ups.  Hard finish at 0615.


Prayed for Angus’s Mom and Sister, Tonka’s family, Duff’s family, Poppin’s co worker.


Sign up for the Sasquatch.  This will be my 4th and YOU can do it.  Run, Ruck, Bike, or Volunteer but by all means be involved and it will be an experience you won’t soon forget!

See ya in the funny papers,


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