Tonka asked for someone to take his Q at The Rush this week since he is still recovering from an injury.  YHC decided to take it because I’ve never Q’d The Rush before and because it would give me an opportunity to show off my new Meditating Rafiki tank-top.  A few of us ran into Punch Out at the 500 Men Praying event last night and he HC’d on the spot, so I was curious to see if he would show.

The Thang
The route was given: Arlington to Greenville to Charles to 14th to Evans to Howell to Hooker to Marvin Jarman to the flag.  A modification was given for the Mustangs to take the greenway starting at the ECU intramural fields and coming out near Charles.

And we’re off…some separation between the Mustangs and the Clydesdales was created early on, but the Mustangs returned to pick up the 6 often. YHC chose to take the greenway route with the mustangs. When we caught back up with the Clydesdales, no one had seen Punch Out.  YHC was a little nervous, but pressed on.

We got back to the flag a couple of minutes late (I apologize), but Punch Out was there waiting for us. Apparently, he turned left on the greenway when the rest of us went right.

-teachers and students returning to school
-YHC’s dad recovering from back surgery
-Petey is having brain surgery
-Silverback’s friend whose family is fighting some battles
-Abu’s brother and niece traveling
-Cherry Packard fighting cancer
-F3ENC efforts to bring in more minority PAX

-Stern has tickets to the Pirate Radio Football Kickoff Party
-String Bean is selling Hot Pursuit’s house.  Retweet/share if you see the listing posted

It was great to see Punch Out back in the gloom. This was his longest run since having knee surgery! ABH!

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