YHC doesn’t make it out to Rush very often because Theology By Fire goes kind of late on Wednesday nights, but it’s a fantastic AO that I always enjoy. We got in four miles, great conversation and a few hill sprints over the course of our time together. The workout went something like this:

Q says, let’s run to the Greenway. Wimpie complains about running on the Greenway. We make jokes about Valentine’s Day cards and what we’ve been reading for Theology By Fire. We partner up at the bottom of Sulgrave Rd. and play “Catch me if you can”. One partner does a burpee and then tries to catch the other partner before they reach the top of the hill. Flip flop and repeat. Then we did it again, but this time with two burpees while the second partner runs backward up the hill. Flip flop and repeat. Then we all lined up for a final sprint to the top of the hill. Puns for recovery. Then we ran along Charles until we reached the old Belk lot (not sure if it’s still named that). We ran through the parking lot and onto the Greenway to cut through to Evans and back to the flag. We arrived right at 6:15. Great push by everyone to make it back on time.

I love the Greenways in Greenville, I think they are one of our city’s hidden gems. If you get the chance, take your family for a walk and explore a bit.

COT – prayers for the chronic anxiety in the world around us

Announcements – 4 Year Anniversary Convergence Saturday at BLP from 7-8. Feel free to join #theologybyfire on Slack even if you can’t make it on Wednesday nights. We have lots of great conversation there throughout the week too and we’d love to learn from you and your walk with God.


P.S. A short poem for Valentine’s Day

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

I love running hills.

And so should you.

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