It’s the Sandlot, which is a running AO, so we ran.  There’s not much going on or any terrain diversity in Winterville so the route was pretty simple.  We left the AO site and ran down to the railroad tracks and turned right.  This gives you a straight shot to Sams Club and back.  There were a handful that were feeling good apparently and they took off only to be seen again at the end of the workout.  We had two new runners to the group, Soul Train and Arkansas, which was a welcomed addition.  They both did awesome despite just getting back into running some.  About a mile in Silverback decided the pace was too fast and went down on us.  YHC was about 50 yards ahead of him and heard the smack!  He ate it pretty hard, but was determined to finish the run.  Very thankful he wasn’t banged up anymore than he was.  Everyone made it back to the flag, Grammar left early as usual, we prayed, took announcements and split.

Prayer Requests:

Thankful Silverback wasn’t hurt worse.

Hot Spot’s mom battling dementia.

Hot Spot’s son preparing college applications.

Silverback’s friend from work battling cancer.

Spalding’s friend battling the return of cancer.

Rafiki’s neighbor passed away from a heart attack

Rafiki’s in-law’s neighbor battling cancer.

One of Rafiki’s students battling brain cancer.

Softshell’s son was just diagnosed with diabetes and father had a stroke along with other personal matters.

Spalding’s father.

Gazelle’s family dealing with the loss of a family pet and the confusion with his children understanding.


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