Shrimp asked YHC to CO-Q The Sandlot last week and I had to look hard at my first quarter weekday workout sabbatical schedule. It was determined I could appear at least once during the week this quarter, so I agreed. I rolled in about 0510 and say a mysterious white truck across the park. Perverts in the park I assumed ( or perhaps something from the darkside). The pax begin to filter in and flags were planted. As we began to circle up, 5 pax from the darkside ruckers materialized intent on taking the Booty Flag back to Alice. Shrimp led a prayer for the kidney transplant surgery for Brandon Hodges and Mike Ward , then gave disclaimer and..


Shrimp of course called jailbreak and off we went. Did 10 merkins and then ran long loop or short loop or the Chuck loop and held plank for pax. 8 merkins and a second loop. 6 merkins and a third loop. Run to end of road and back and 10 merkins. Pax assembled at Mt.Winterville for dips in cadence called by each pax. Then Irkins IC by each pax. Then Dips IC by each pax.

YHC took over and we ran towards ball field light pole. Pax to sprint to first light and do 30 squats OYO, sprint to second light and 30 lunges each leg, sprint to third light and do 60 squats, sprint back to second light and do 30 lunges each leg.  Mosey to Mt. WInterville and hold plank for pax.

Step Ups or Jump ups timed one minute OYO.  Squats timed one minute OYO. Step ups/Jump ups timed. Squats timed.  Mosey to tennis court and separate into 4 groups at each corner. 30 mountain climbers, 30 planks jacks, 30 squats and 30 merkins at respective corners. When all 4 completed hold ALGORE at fence.

Suicide sprints to service line and back then to net and back. Suicide sprint to net and back then to service line and back.

Mosey to flag area. Mary led by Joker. Flutter kicks to infinity.


Fun workout with RECORD PAX AT THE SANDLOT!!! Lot of great options for work at this AO.  Prayer for Kingpin sister Elaine, Aquaman wife job search, Diehard family, and others i have forgotten. Tclaps to Bad Boy and Die Hard for keeping this great AO growing. 

Lunch Parkers today. Convergence coming. Bible Study tonight at Armory, Farmville expansion. The guys that belong to that White Truck starting asking for rides. I knew it was time to leave.

YHC closed in prayer.

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