Yo dudes! YHC had ghosted Arkansas a few weeks back when scheduled to Q at the sandlot, so it was time to step up to the plate again. YHC has been trying to make it to as many running AO’s as possible to up my game and see different guys. So here was my chance. Plus, Winterville running is pretty straightforward where you can focus on form and breathing cadence and pay less attention to hills, turns, or crazy Greenville traffic. However, traffic today was a bit of a beast! We made it around our 4.6 mile route and thankfully most guys kept up with a decent pace. We learned about Silverback’s borrowed vest from Spalding, Fin and Arkansas’ blistering pace, Half Pipe’s injury management, and RedBox’s preferred running routes. The weather was pretty perfect too. All in all, it was a great start to the morning!

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