The Thing

YHC isn’t particularly familiar with the more nuanced street arrangements of Winterville since most of my running happens in Greenville, so I thought I’d come up with something simple for our run this morning. Grammar, Gazelle, and Rafiki came in with the wind from EC and the clock hit 6:15 so we were off. YHC gave a short disclaimer to remind everyone to watch for cars. It’s always a good reminder and puts the idea in the back of your head to watch out for yourself and your brother.

We took a warmup mosey to the corner of Railroad & Main. Once we arrived, YHC explained that we would be doing a fartlek suicide down Main Street (thankfully the buildings helped block some of the wind). Run hard on the way out, run at a recovery pace on the way back to the corner. We would turn around at each new street sign. Most PAX made it to Forbes Ave. before YHC gave the directions to start working our way back following the same pattern. Gazelle and Grammar are really fast and they set themselves a goal to make it to Gayle (mission accomplished) and they met back up with the rest of us for the last few repeats.

Then we moseyed over to AG Cox Middle School for some school zone acceleration drills. Start easy and pick up the pace to a sprint and then coast back down to recover. We did 5 repeats with a short rest between each (I didn’t hear Cousin IT complain about too much standing around, so I think we were within a respectable recovery timeframe). After our acceleration drills we worked our way back to the flag for a few cool down stretches.


Gazelle’s grandma and Nice Body’s granddad are both in the final stages of their lives, so we prayed for them and for the family members who are helping care for them. We also asked God to give each of us perspective us as we remember that we will all face death one day, and we should let that frame the way we live today. May we live today as a reflection of His love and care for us.


Lunch today at Anita’s

3rd F Bible study of John’s Gospel tonight at 7:00 at Hot Pursuit’s place

Theology by Fire tomorrow night at 8

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