YHC got real excited at the forecast of 65 and somewhat dry. Had a plan in mind of keeping the Pax close to the flag and working on some speed. Large group gathered in the parking lot not to get washed away by the rapids around the flag. Had an FNG come with Silverback, welcome Buffet (after Jimmy Buffet, not the food line, this guy’s in shape). Quick welcome and disclaimer were given, then directions and we took off.

Right on Sylvania
Right on Ange
Right on Laurie Ellis
Right on Church Street
Right on Sylvania – back to the entrance of the park

We did this route AMRAP until 45 minutes were up. The route ended up being 1.5 miles. Pax were instructed to try and increase their speed each time they made a lap (make the next one quicker than the previous one). YHC accomplished this goal, as did many others.

– Tonka’s neighbor Jimmy Ellis and his Wife

– New AO tomorrow at the Stadium, Ruck On! – 5:15-6:15, just rucking/walking and talking

Great morning with a large Pax. Heard quite a few good conversations happening. To YHC, relationships and conversations are highly under valued in the mornings; just as important as the workout to me. After looking at strava, many of the Pax got well over 5 miles .. great push by all runners today.

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