With adding another year on to my age I wanted to spend a day running with some F3 Brothers and what better way to do that than at The Sandlot.  Shake and Bake was gracious enough to allow me to Q even though it was my first time posting at this AO.

The Thang:

We will call this an Extended Fartlek, because the fast portion was a whole helluva lot longer than anyone thought.  We headed out onto Sylvania St. to Church St. with this being our warm-up.  We turned on Main St. so the mayhem could begin.  This was the start of the fartlek and it was all the way to Rosewood, which is almost a mile.  The stretch also has a Strava Segment called the Main St. Sprint in it and F3ENC has basically taken over the title for this segment after today.  We turned on Rosewood and backed it down to allow our heart rate to get back under control.  Then it’s a turn on Cooper and fartlek time again all the way to Ange St.  At this point we picked up the 6 and it was a repeat for some more mayhem on Main St.  The PAX pushed themselves just hard this time around and lock in some solid overall distances and mile times.

Prayer Requests:

Floater’s granddaughter is in the hospital with RSV and Pneumonia

Hot Spot’s son is writing his college essays

Duff will be a “single parent” the rest of the week as his M is heading out of town

Made Me Late and M will be flying out of town for the weekend (pray for my parents as they are watching the 2.0s)


100 Men Dinner


Thank you again Shake and Bake for the opportunity.  Remember guys it is ok to say your are not ok.

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