Since many are not going to the Oval Office I wanted to get in a little speed work and not end up in the paper under Bless Your Heart.

The Thang

Left Sylvania, left on Church, left on Laurie Ellis, left on Ange, Rt on Main to Food Lion parking lot. Sprint from one driveway to the next about 150 yard, active recovery on the way back.  Rinse and repeat until time to head to the flag.  Rt on Main, Left of Ange and Rt on Sylvania.

Most of the PAX got in 5 miles and finally getting a little sunrise near the end of the workout.  The good natured humor with these guys is always great.  Silverback was not wearing his members only vest it was Spaulding turn to wear it.  Since the runners gave me so much crap I told them I’d be rucking again.

Prayers and Praises

Thee Hot Spot’s daughter is getting some help with her anxieties.

Small retail business need our thoughts and prayers during this pandemic.

Half Pipes great uncle passed away recently.

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