Easy to step up to Q when you have an idea that didn’t get finished before and there is a new Site Q! Though the route did not go as planned the last time, we had work to do. We would try to stay out of people’s yards/fields, etc. This was the PAX question before we started, told them we were mainly going to stay in neighborhoods. Wasn’t sure for how long, only time would tell. Apple Watch struck 0530 and we were out like a fat kid in dodgeball!


Stretch on your own before 0530!

The Thang

Exit the park on Division Street, taking a quick right onto Ange, and then another onto Barefoot. Gazelle was already struggling with directions and since Grammar ran with him earlier he was starting to get confused too. We turned right onto Laurie Ellis, then right onto Jeremy Lane.

Here instructions were given similar to #OvalOffice.

Go best pace around Kinsey Loop, then Left onto Jeremy Lane (about .6 miles).

Cool down lap on Kinsey Loop, then Left onto Jessie Drive, then Left onto Jeremy Lane.

Run the above segment for 2 laps at best pace (one lap about .46 miles).

Return for the six when complete.

We then took a right onto Laurie Ellis and a right onto Laurie Meadows Way.

Partner up and alternating sprinting at the mailboxes 2 laps (once the correct course was set).

Right onto Fox Glove Drive, Left onto Daisy Lane, Right onto Verbena Way, Left onto Laurie Meadows (one lap little over .5 miles).

Back for the six, we went back to Verbena Way then left onto Mockingbird Lane (Made Me Late was still sleeping), then right onto Meadlowlark Drive, left onto Laurie Ellis Road, right onto Ange Street and back to the park where all arrive by 0615.

Not exactly the way YHC had it planned, but very close!


Half-Pipe bike accident yesterday.

Shake and Bake’s MIL with brain cancer.

Rafiki’s relative.

Wimpie’s sell of house, personal decisions, and work.

YHC closed us in prayer.


Lunch today @ Chico’s – 12pm.

Sasquatch coming soon, make sure you are there!


Today marked the day where I have Q’d every day of the week for the last month. I only got asked to do 2 of the 7 days. If you post somewhere, step up to Q. You are going to be there anywhere and surely you have thought about something you can do! Don’t wait for the Site Q to ask.

It was good to have Underdog make the trek over to join us.

If you all boyz got ticks today, that’s your problem not mine this time!

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