A couple of months ago, Cousin IT lead us through some fields outside of town.  After looking at the satellite map, YHC decided to modify that route and give it another go.

The Thang

We headed west out of the parking lot and turned south on Church Street.  We turned east onto Winding Meadows and the fun began.  We turned left to go around the first field we encountered.  A small opossum snarled at us as we ran by.  The grass on this farm path was much thicker than anticipated.  At the next clearing, we circled the field until we arrived at the entrance to another path.  This one was worse.  Another 50 yards in and we were forced to turn around.  YHC called an audible and we headed back out the way we came.

We we got back to the paved road, we circled the neighborhood and then headed back for the flag down Street.  A few PAX circled the school before all eventually arrived safely.

-injured PAX
-YHC’s mission trip next week
-Hot Pursuit & Half-Pipe’s M seeking employment
-Softshell’s father-in-law

-Lunch Today at Sup Dogs
-Sasquatch this Saturday

Sometimes things don’t work out they way you thought they would.  Today was one of those days.  I was reminded that we all have to be adaptable, especially as Qs. We probably could’ve kept going down that path this morning, but the risk of injury would’ve been high.  When you’re Qing, make sure you aren’t putting the PAX in harms way.  The feeling of success you might get won’t be sufficient if your brother goes down.

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