Shake and Baked asked YHC days before the #BRR about Queuing, YHC wanted to turn him down because movement would be difficult, but knew other brothers would be in the same place. Had a few ideas, but one really stuck. Put on the #TwitterMachine that this was #TheBigRun and the start of training for the #BRR 2020! Before we started YHC told the PAX that this was based on an idea from Die Hard (remember that guy?) and this pendulum tweet seen the other day.

Run around the Amphitheater circle.

Run that way again, but stay to the right, left onto Ange, left onto Sylvania, take the 1st driveway on left back into the Park, around the 10s courts, back for the six.

Run out of the Park again staying straight onto Windmill, left onto Cask, left onto Barrel, left onto Ange, take the 2nd driveway on left back into the Park, go in between the baseball fields, then a right onto the trail around toward the beginning, back for the six or optional stretch.

Run out of the Park for the last time, right onto Ange, left onto Laurie Ellis, left onto Old Tar, left onto Bayberry, left onto Rosewood, left onto Primrose, back for the six when we reached Ange. Gave the option of heading back to the park or going down Blount (Around AG Cox), left onto Church, left onto Sylvania.


PAX looking for jobs – Hot Pursuit (meeting this week), Wimpie (may make a decision soon), Jock Itch, and Dirty Money (recently terminated).

Half-Pipe’s M looking for a job (possible 1099 job).

One of Gazelle’s dogs passed after he had been home for 30 minutes from the #BRR.

YHC closed us in prayer.



Lunch today at Chick-Fil-A on Evens St (Aquaman speak/type) or Evans.

9/11 #Convergence tomorrow at #TheSchoolYard.

Century Ride this weekend, see Half-Pipe for more info.

Recovery Run this weekend, see Directory.

Good Samaritan 5k/Crossfit Option on October 14th!


All of us were feeling a little rugged, but thankful to be moving!

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