YHC couldn’t decide which route to take, so I decided to let the Pax make the choice. I asked each one, “East or West?” After unanimously voting east, YHC gave out the instructions.

The Thang:

We headed out on Division St. and a left on Church St. It was a simple out and back to Reedy Branch Rd. The deer were a plenty as we saw at least eight running across the road. We picked up the six at the stop signs. Once we got back to Laurie Ellis Rd, we took a right, then a left on to Ange St. After turning on to Ange St., the plan was to take a left on to Sylvania St., then a left on to Church St and a left back on to Division St., then circle back up to the flag while picking up the six along the way.

However, the defiant Silverback decided to stay on Ange St. and take a left on to Blount St. When the pax intersected him at Church St., we all decided to follow his route in reverse and head back to the flag.


Silverback mentioned Stern’s comment at a past AO about being a de-escalator especially during the holidays and that doing this was a sign of a true leader.


  • Gazelle moving and for contract on house to go through successfully
  • Duff’s high school friend’s brother passed away at 45 with a heart defect suddenly.
  • Our nation and leaders
  • Charlie Brown’s family – mother passed yesterday
  • Those battling Covid related illnesses and complications
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