It seems like the streets of Winterville continue to get more busy with traffic.  Maybe it is because YHC doesn’t run on them as often, but it appears roads such as Laurie Ellis have more cars passing through than before.  With that, and along with Tonka’s suggestions (complaining), YHC decided on the BBQ route.  It is a route that has been ran plenty of times, but YHC wanted to have a route with less traffic and one that is easy to remember.



There is no warm-up unless you show up early enough to warm-up.  We probably should add a warm-up to more running AOs.



As stated above, we ran the BBQ route.  If you don’t know it is:

Sylvania Ave to N Railroad St; turn right

N Railroad St turns into Beacon Dr

Beacon Dr to Flower Dr; turn right

Flower Dr to Tilco Dr; turn right

Run around Sam Jones BBQ

Run back to the flag



Prayers for Paula Loften

Prayers for Kaley Lane

Prayers for Hot Spot’s 2.0

Prayers for Freshman’s M

Prayers for Urraca’s Certification Test

Prayers for Martha Ray’s Daughter


Sasquatch on July 30th

Plymouth’s and Wilson’s CSAUP

Sunrise Service at the Bunker on Easter Sunday

2nd F event on May 1st

PAX Lunch at Jack Browns




Go hard, stay hard.

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