It’s always funny when I get asked to Q. With running it’s really not that difficult to come up with a route. Of course, having to accommodate many paces can be a little challenging when it comes to mileage. However, when Arkansas asked me, I said, “I guess.” I know that doesn’t sound like the positivity that an F3 Q typically shows, but I think it’s more about having to write these BB’s (which takes me forever) that is more of a task than running. But anyhow, I was glad to do it even though I didn’t know what the forecast had in store. Obviously, rain and plenty of wind was in our future.

The Thang:

Trying to create a different route in Winterville can be challenging. Lot’s of Q’s go for the simple Sam Jones Out & Back or the Jack Jones O&B or Loop. While those are definitely more of a simple and easily to follow route, I like to change it up and keep the pax on their toes. With more turns and roads than I can remember, the pax and I set out from the park down Ange St. crossing to Cooper to Main St. where we encountered the first Strava segment held by the one and only Shake & Bake. On Sunday at The Commons I teased Shake & Bake about planning my route on the two main Strava segments which he currently holds both KOM’s for I believe, and though we both chuckled I could see a little hesitancy on his face. Ha!! But I told him I wasn’t serious and knew I would not be a contender anyways.

However, my route did just happen to cross those two segments at the beginning and ending stretches of our route – not intentionally. Needless to say, there wasn’t anyone in our group looking to set or break records. We were all struggling a bit and looking for a nice recovery run in the rain which was not appreciated until we got a couple of miles in. After we headed down Main St., we turned left on to Ragland Rd. and began making our way through the backside of Devonshire neighborhood as we looked to cross over Vernon White Rd. in to Brier Creek. We made the full loop and headed back to Vernon White towards Railroad St. This was is where the second Strava segmented started and was close to a mile long. However, Shake and Bake was taking the lead and no one dared challenge him. LOL!! We were all pretty drained and ready for it to be over.

On the final stretch we all focused on just finishing while picking up the six along the way. Our final turns took us down Division St. as we rounded back to the flag.


Shake and Bake mentioned how thankful he was to run even though he wasn’t feeling it at the start. There wasn’t a single one of us that regretted our decision to be there in the gloom with our brothers. Rain or Shine… Cold, Rainy & Windy. Given the dramatic time in our nation and communities, we should now stand strong in solidarity with one another while doing our part to reach out to those who need support. Be a problem solver, not a problem maker. Don’t take anything for granted. Aye!


  • Candy Cane’s Family – Grandma passed away
  • Shake & Bakes Mother-in-law battling with the emotional rollercoaster with health issues.
  • Arkansas – family in nursing homes and healthcare facilities.
  • Grout & Punch-Outs 2.0’s
  • People battling depression and other related disorders.


  • Sasquatch
  • F3 Nation – 10 Year Anniversary


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