The air was crisp, clear, and a bit nipply as my door opened early in the am. One pax started EC at 0500. He ran into Floater and they rallied the troops back to the flag. 11 studs posted for the real thang.

The Route – The Q wanted to try something new today. No – Not like that…Instead, be prepared for the onslaught of profanity and insults from Tonka because the route was a series of long runs and loops rather than an out and back.

We aimed down primrose and rosewood towards Food Lion. Through the parking lot we hit Winterfield and mooned Cousin It’s house. Circled back down Corbett. Floater has a cool cut back that the next Q should take to limit the time on Old Tar. We then moseyed back through the parking lot, down main towards the flag. Faster pax looped behind the park on division rd and the slower pax took Ange. Everyone had a great time.

BOM – Clippers dad and Bono’s 2.1 need prayers.

Moleskin – Today was a great day. YHC got to run with Stern, Floater, Arkansas, NoIDeer, Redbox, and Clipper. It was a pleasure to connect for sure. Running can seem easy and it can suck bad. Maybe, just maybe, running doesn’t totally suck ;)

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