Five easy miles was on the agenda for today’s Sandlot Q.  Here is the route, routinely going back for the 6 goes without saying:

Right out of parking, Left on Church, Left on Laurie Ellis, Left on Old Tar, Left in far entrance to Foodlion, Right on Main St, Left on Railroad, Back to the Flag.

Had a few minutes to spare so we made a lap around baseball field and back to the flag.

What I learned today…

Saw Made Me Late fly past us around 1 mile in.  Good to have THE Hot Spot back in the gloom.  Floater was a stud as always, he was already running when YHC arrived.  Learned about the VO2 Max stat from RedBox however I still don’t know what it is!  Tried my best to pick a route to keep Cousin IT’s shoes as white as possible, however its still swampy out there.  Arkansas led the pax-He’s getting super fast! Lastly we found out that Silverback may have given Hot Spot his hernia???


Prayed for Mugsy’s senior night basketball game and Hot Spot’s daughter with depression.

Lunch Today at Vila Verde, anniversary convergence 2/20


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