The morning was clear and bright with just a hint of chill in the 40 degree air. Pulling into the Winterville Parks and Rec parking lot not a creature was stirring. Not even a mouse. No stockings, no chimneys…empty. Then the Pax slowly trickled in and one even came out of the morning gloom like a long distance running ghost or Gazelle take your pick. At 5:29 YHC informed the Pax that this was the #WintervilleRunningClub and we would run. No squats, push ups, Mary or anything else. What happens at Run Club is running! 30 seconds later we were off like a dirty shirt.


The Thang

West on Sylvania to Railroad, Right on Railroad to Blount, East on Blount to Primrose, Primrose to Rosewood, Right on Rosewwood to Bayberry (2nd entrance to cul-de-sac), retrace route to flag past flag to state road turn right a ball field down to Laurie Ellis, turn around back to park run in the back way circle back to the flag.



Prayer Requests for Aquaman’s Mom and upcoming tests; injured Pax and those who are struggling to get out in the gloom. Holiday Heroes wrapping party Dec 11th 6:30 pm at Cypress Glen in Greenville (check the Twitter Machine) Post!



This morning YHC wasn’t sure how it was going to go and it went the way it was supposed to. It’s like Chick-fil-a; even if the order is wrong you got what you were supposed to get! Thanks for the chance to Q. #PTR #COOPSTRONG

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