The title of this Backblast is something I once saw on a license plate.  I presume it meant: Tennis anyone?  What does that have to do with today’s Boot Camp beatdown?  Surprisingly very little, but read on to find out.  Actually, I was surprised the mumble chatter didn’t pick up on it, but I had a hard time hearing the cadence count this morning.  So maybe I simply missed someone deciphering the code and sharing it out loud.

“I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description [“hard-core pornography”], and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that.”  Justice Potter Stewart (1964)

This is only my 6th Q.  I’m still working at coming up with and delivering a better beatdown.  Per Freed to Lead, I only have 1000s more to go before I am proficient.  Looking forward to that mosey with F3 brothers one Q, and each gloom, at a time.  In the meantime, I know one (better beatdown) when I read it (via the Backblast) and specifically when experienced first hand.  Realizing I am often a six though, I knew I’d have to push myself hard in order to deliver a beatdown that would push any F3ENC PAX who might show up.  Enough already…

It was 5:30 we were circled up and disclaimer was given.

Warm-ups: Punch Jacks x10 in cadence, made some steps over to the bike rack and did some Erkins x 11 in cadence, stepped a little further to the entrance wall and benches and did Dips x 10 in cadence.  Then we stepped out to the entrance driveway/drop-off and planned three laps, with burpees, around the parking lot.  Gazelles were offered to make the wider lap, while Clydesdales could make the inner lap (where cars are parked).  1st lap started with 1 Burpee, 2nd lap began with 2 Burpees, and 3rd lap was rewarded with 3 Burpees.  3rd lap finished back at flag and by now we should be warmed up and ready for…

The Thang

After a mosey from the flag to the football field.  YHC explained what was to be The Thang.  During disclaimer, I mentioned I had read, and thoroughly enjoyed, Grout’s backblast for ABoyNamedSue.  Within he suggests “Sprints are one of the single best exercises out there and we don’t utilize them enough at boot camps.”  Message received and appreciated, an idea percolated and here’s what we did.

One each side of the football field we did exercises.  In between, we did Sprints to the other side of the football field for more exercises.  It went like this:

Merkins x15 in cadence on the Down (only exercise performed, for those keeping score, it is now 15-Love or 15-0)

Sprint the width of the football field.  (PAX were asked and reminded to push themselves during the Sprints)

Next exercises: Merkins x15 (cadence on Down) and then Freddie Mercuries x15 (4-count cadence)  (score is now 15-15)

Sprint back across the width of the football field.  In the debate of shortbacks vs. longbacks – I question if there is any evolutionary advantages when it comes to sprinting.  In this YouvsYou sprint of a race, Grout and String Bean were both fast!

Next exercises: Plank Jacks x30 (4-count cadence: YHC messed this one up by not sharing beforehand we’d be doing 30 reps (and at 4-count cadence, more than 30, right?).  Upon getting to 14, I stated we’re going to 30 and resumed the 1-2-3… It messed the PAX up, got us off count.  Nevertheless, when falling, DIVE!  I kept the cadence count going and PAX jumped back into it.  It may not have been mathematically correct, but we mustered through it all the same) and then we did more Freddie Mercuries x15 (4-count cadence)  (score is now 30-15)

Sprint back across the width of the field

Next exercises: WWIs x30 (in cadence on the Up.  b/c YHC is typically slower on the WWIs, Cold-Cut took the lead on the cadence, thanks brother), thereafter, we did Carolina Dry Docks x30 (in cadence on the Down)  (score is now 30-30)

Sprint back across the width of the field

Next exercises:  Squats x40 (in cadence on the Down) and then WWIIs x30 (in cadence on the Up, again given I am slower on these, Stern took the lead on the cadence, thanks brother)  (Score is now 40-30)

Sprint back across the width of the field

Next exercises: Imperial Walkers x40 (4-count cadence) and finally Jack Webbs (1:4 Merkins:Hallelujahs to 10:40 with +/- 1 merkins along the way – when stuggling to hear 14 PAX keep count, I simply kept saying the next Down and then they’d get louder (once I’d gone 1 too many) and teased me of not being able to count.  Exactly, I wasn’t counting, I was expecting you all to.  Afterall, I was out of breath too and trying to continually say Down, lol.)   (Score now 40-40)

No need to settle the score and win by 2, those who got up and showed up were winners before we even got started.

With time nearing an end, we did an Indian Run around the back side of the track and then moseyed over to the wall of the school near the flag.  There we did two 8-count BodyBuilders for the two late arrivals at 5:30.  Come to find out, one had an excused tardy as it was his first time to The School Yard and he simply showed up on the wrong side of the school.  Glad you found us brother and welcome.

Then we did People’s Chair for a 10-count by each PAX.  Slim Jim started us off and shouted “Arms Up” and we each counted to 10.  After that we did BTTW for a 10-count by each PAX.  Then two more 8-count BodyBuilders.  1 for each Gong hit.  The one struck before we started and the one anticipated after finishing. Finally, we did a Bear Crawl from the school’s wall to the sidewalk and headed back to the flag to circle up for remaining time to do some Marys.  GlowWorm led us in a low plank hold & 10-count by each PAX.  Grout led us in American Hammers x30 (in cadence).  With less than 30 seconds remaining String Bean led the PAX in Pool Side somethin-another (???) and he went to get the Gong and I went to grab my phone and glasses.  Time was up.

COT/BOM:  Prayer concerns – 4-Leaf surgery this Friday; lift up Megaphone’s family as his father has passed away; Cold-Cut’s niece Jamie enduring chemo treatments; Cox family, their little boy Spencer had a brain tumor removed 2 days ago; The Closed Hand and his job search; unspoken requests and Praises…YHC prayed us out.

Announcements: lots of good Qs tomorrow and in the coming days, so continue to post and support them, the AOs, and be better from it.

Moleskin: More than enough already written up.  Short and sweet, I love me some F3!  #SYITG





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