YHC arrived at schoolyard to nice downpour. No such thing as bad weather.Pax rolled in. Disclaimer given ANd off with Indian run to Memorial Baptist. Slim Jim was mumbling something about shelters and roofs and stuff but it was unintelligible.

We stopped at three spots on property and did lots of stuff including:
Flutter kicks
Hello dolly
Box cutter
Slim Jim Signature
Jump squats
Step ups
Jump ups
Merkins,Irkins, Derkins plus wide arm and diamond
People’s chairs with arm work
Balls to the wall
Smurf style people’s chair
Plank Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Diagonal step work
Freddy Mercury
Dan Taylor’s (aka Lt Dan’s)
And a bunch of other stuff

Indian run back to schoolyard and we found lots of deep puddles to step in.
More stuff at schoolyard including dips, irkins,derkins, nice one legs squat by Psycho and more.Indian run one last time in rain perimeter of school.

Great wet morning with fun Pax. Each pax led multiple exercises. Prayer for Beer Garde and family, all those brothers with current struggles. Reach out and tell someone you love them and care about them today. Happy Hour next Thursday 530 . Look for details from NOIDEER.

NEW Site Q coming to Schoolyard January 2022.

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