YHC rolled up to the school yard to find an empty parking lot, save Patch who rucked EC solo. At five minutes till there was only one other pax added to the total. But alas the cars started rolling in and we got to 10 total. Which was more than I expected on this cold morning. 5:30 arrived and we circled up. Disclaimer given and we began.


Good morning x 10 IC

Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

Penalty Burpees x 5 for Panther

Side straddle hops x 10 IC

High knees x 10 IC

Butt Kickers x 10 IC



The pax lined up for an Indian run to Branches however we took the long route (on purpose). Mumblechatter got a little thick when we stopped as YHC tried to get the pax to line up side by side for a merkin ladder using the parking spaces. As pax finished some held plank or Al gore or just stood there for the 6, YHC tied my shoe.

We then moved to the wall and pax were instructed to grab a spot on the wall for the following exercises.

Dips x 10 IC

Derkins x 10 IC

Step-ups x 10 IC

Irkins x 10 IC

Pax were then instructed, apparently not clearly enough, to line up for another Indian run to Memorial Baptist Church. Once there pax were instructed to partner up and each pax ran in opposite direction from their partner and when they met they would perform increasing number of WW1 situps (5,10, 15, 20).

Pax were then instructed to follow YHC for another indian run, again I suppose not clear instructions as the pax did more of a mob saunter. We traveled back to the entrance of the school where pax were instructed to find a spot on the bench or the short wall for the following exercises.

Dips x 10 IC

Derkins x 10 IC

Step-ups x 10 IC

Irkins x 10 IC

Pax were then instructed to partner up for catch me if you can around the perimeter of the school. Pax 1 runs as pax 2 does 3 burpees and attempts to catch up. Flip flop and continue till reaching the start point.

Keeping with the partners we moved to the grass median next to the parking lot for a little bear crawl catch me if you can. Pax 1 bear crawls while pax 2 does 3 WW2 situps. Pax 2 then runs to catch up and switch till the end of the median.

Pax then followed YHC to the wall for the following

Peoples chair x 10 IC

Balls to the wall x 10 IC

Peoples chair with alternating leg raise x 10 IC

Balls to the wall alternating shoulder taps x 10 IC

Pax then returned to the circle with one minute to spare for a round of flutter kicks x 20 IC.


Prayer Request:

Pied Piper and pending procedure

P-Doc’s friend that introduced him to F3. Little brother died in a car accident. Prayers for the family.


Patch has Q at Clydesdales tomorrow


Thanks for everyone showing up this morning. I know all to well it was not easy to leave the warmth of the fart sack and venture out into the cold but you all made to choice to get up and get better. Keep pushing the rock!

Ma Bell…Out!

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