Tremendous morning to walk from home to the School Yard.  Slalom and a few Pax filter in and The Closed Hand rolls in on mountain bike and locks it up for safekeeping. YHC gave disclaimer and then..


2 groups indian run Camellia to Azlaea to Dellwood. Stop for some PT along the way. Indian run again across Greenville blvd to Peppermint Patty Park.  NO MAN WAS LEFT BEHIND.

Proceed to picnic shelter.

Step up, super step up and down for 1 minute timed. 22 Irkins led by Minnesota Fats. Step up 1 minute, 22 Irkins led by Stern. Super Step up and over and back timed one minute. 22 Irkins led by Slim Jim. One leg squats by 11 led by The Closed Hand each leg. Derkins x 11 led by KOOLAID.  Run around the shelter once at best pace. 22 Irkins led by Pax. 22 Copperhead squats IC led by YHC. Proceed to courts.  2 groups sprinting against each other to end of court and back.

Split into 3 groups by age ( youngins, middle age, others ) to run to The Memorial Baptist Church parking lot.Try to stay together as group. YHC asked pax to do work in the parking lot while awaiting the six and they did.

Line up and bear crawl to other side of lot and do 1 burpee, bear crawl back 2 burpees, increasing to 5 burpees.  Some other abs and like exercises I do not recall.

Single line in lot sprint around church lot and back and tag next man. All are doing squats while awaiting their run.

Mosey back to Dellwood. Do Dan Taylors ( LT.Dan) 1:4 increasing until reaching Camellia. At Camellia run at best pace back to flag. Tremendous work by all the pax today. Thanks to Slalom for letting me Q

Prayer requests- Minnesota Fats uncle, Farmer Fran friend, Chris Combs with ALS and family, Pax with job, marital, kids, money, and other stresses.

Announcements- Haavad Q saturday at 116. Slim Jim Q at rush at rose tomorrow for his 63rd birthday. Lunch Friday. Slim Jim and I saw Splinter walking on our way home. He looks Tremendous and just had 6 month checkup following his bypass surgery and got good reports from Doctor.

YHC prayed us out. Remember to be an encouragement to others and not a divider this week.

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