Tonka mentioned the possibility of a Co-Q at the School Yard while sitting on his porch enjoying a Puerto Rican cigar. There was a gentle breeze and the birds were chirping. We had a little mariachi band playing in the background and three bears and two squirrels practicing their circus routine by the fire pit. It was the perfect setting for a brainstorming session on life, so we stormed our brains. The idea of a co-Q was intriguing. We were talking about life and how nice it can be to enjoy the simple things. Well, let’s keep it simple, we thought. So we will keep it in the Circle of Pain, aka Ring of Fire. This is ‘Merica, so we both dressed appropriately.

The Thang

Tonka Led and finished off.  The intent was to just lead the first half but a couple months off of Qing translated to a miss on the time estimate.  Fortunately I have a Doctorate from MSU so I finished the final third.


  • Sumo Squat IC x 10
  • Merkin Slow Count x 13
  • Freddie Mercury Slow Four Count x 10
  • Squat IC x 10
  • Diamond Merkins Slow Count x 10
  • LBCs IC x 10

11s with Squats and Carolina Drydocks

Then Bono took over. Figured that if a smarter man plans a beat down, it’s OK to give him credit. This is a modification of the Bryan Singelyn’s Heavy Drop Training tiebreaker:
⁃ 5 Diamond Merkins
⁃ 5 Burpees
⁃ 10 WWII sit-ups
⁃ 5 Burpees
⁃ 15 Squats
⁃ 5 Burpees
⁃ 20 4-ct Dolly’s
⁃ Rinse and repeat until the Q gets tired and quits…the Q doesn’t quit. Time is called. Have a Nice Day is the final exercise.

Hand the torch to Tonka

Fantastic Four until the clock hits 6:15 – Rep Scheme is 10 of each exercise, then 20 of each, 30, and finally 40

  • Balls to Wall (FourCount)
  • Walking Lunge (both legs are 1 rep)
  • Curtsy Squats (both legs are 1 rep)
  • Reverse LBCs

Naked Moleskin:

Bono:  It’s an honor when a brother ask you to join him in a Q. Tonka was one of the first guys in ENC I got to know. He was the first to show me the benefit of sticking with the 6 and using that time to talk about life and how our job as fathers was to make sure our girls were tough, while their moms made sure they had hearts of gold. I was next to him when he threw his back out doing flying squirrel burpees. He was next to me when I took off part of my shin doing box jumps on a Boyd Lee Park picnic table. We were both under the log at GrowRuck 02 and ran the Flying Pirate with T-Bone and Abu. We talked a lot under a ruck as Nantans after Papa Smurf passed away, because we shared something that few others could contemplate. There are a few good men I call my friend. Most are in ENC. Tonka is one of those in my ShieldLock.

Tonka:  I echo what Bono wrote above.  One of the most important piece of F3 is the shieldlock and the close friendships we build in the process.  I encourage you to ask a PAX member to coffee, a beer, a cigar, or whatever setting you choose.  What’s important is that you get to know someone.  I think you will find it a rewarding experience.  I’m fortunate to call Bono my friend and appreciate him helping me out this morning so I could deliver the brand that you all have come to love over the years.

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