These men kicked it to the curb this gloom! I don’t care how scurred you were in not posting here! You missed out if you weren’t here. So, YHC showed for the announced EC and hoofed it 45″. 05:30 was the start of the Train of Pain.

Disclaimer provided. Pledge of Allegiance commenced as the 1st exercise. No FNG’s today. Arm Circles Forward and Backward as a 2nd effort in proprietary movements all to loosen that special area that will get pounded…….Guaranteed. Michael Phelps to further create diversity on this campus.

Move to the Wall. 20 Count Each Man for Balls to the Wall. Rest to shake them out. Now Chicken Chasers, a 10 count each man (Mountain Climbers in the Balls to the Wall  position)

Mosey to the Track, lining up shoulder to shoulder along the football field sideline. Acquiring a partner for DORA 1, 2, 3. Number 1 was 100 Burpees. Number 2 was 200 Squats. Number 3 was 300 Hallelujahs. While one partner was doing the major exercise, the partner would run to the other sideline and do 10 SSH (jumping jacks) then return.

Planking showed up. Then Grave Diggers (Planking on our side, with a motion of digging).

Ran around the Track to the bleachers. We went to the TOP bleacher for Calf Raises. The direction was, “Do as many as you think you can handle”. We moved down the line and felt the burn….Dirkins on YHC’s down was next up while in bleacher land. Run around the track again (to get CC’s Viagra bottle).

Mosey to my TRUCK where CMU’s (Cement Blocks) awaited. We partnered up, interlocked legs and commenced to do WWII’s (Sit Ups) We passed the coupons (cmu) back and forth from chest level for a 30 count. We rested for a 10 count. Interlocked again passing from over our heads to the other partner for a 30 count……………..burning some more right about now.

Able to gather in a circle where Twitterless Minnesota Fats led us in some stupid last Mary. YHC closed with a few Flutter Kicks.

Eulogy almost. A good time had by all.

YHC prayed us out: Splinter (heart surgery) 4-Leaf (brain Surgery). Babies of Showboat and Punch Out. Job search for The Closed Hand. Our Nation. Rush Limbaugh. Donald Trump. My niece Jaime-chemo.

Announcements: Look out for a (Patches M) sign up calendar to help with food for Splinter. 4-Leaf: Lynard put out a link a few days ago re: 4-Leaf( donations, food gift cards, etc). Check Twitter and Slack for relative up to date info. Arrrrrgghhh!!!

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment. See you in the Gloom my Brothers. Leave no man behind, but don’t leave him where you found him.

Honored to bring the Pain Train. Cold is OUT muh brothers.


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