YHC put out on slack a pole and posted on twitter that he was looking for Q’s for the month of July. I couldn’t find any takers for 7/3 so YHC took this date. I was sore from my Q on monday but it was a great morning in the GLOOM and I was ready to rock. YHC gave the disclaimer and rolled on. LEGGO!!!

EC Ruck- Stabler, Patch and Pulp

Warm Up
SSH- 15
GM- 10
Mountain Climbers- 10

The Thang
YHC instructed the PAX to mosey to the football Field. Patch was giving us his usual voices about Rocky Balboas wife “Adrian”

Football Field Day
Lunges- 200 yrds
LBCs- 10 after every 10 Lunges

Sprint field- 200 yrds- Stop at mid field 15 merkins, 15 merkins at endzone (repeat)
finish with 15 Burpees

Mosey to the sideline

Squats and WWII- sideline to sideline

Cold-Cut was showing the PAX his dance moves he moves pretty good I must say for almost double respect. LOL TONY McKee Cold cut 59!!!
The PAX were discussing Italian Stallions chicken Chasers. Stabler said that they were called Austrian balls to the Wall. Who knows.LOL

Mosey to signs on the track

Track work
1 lap around the track (10 Squats, 10 LBC, 10 Merkins) (Repeat)

Mosey to the school wall
Since the PAX wanted to discuss the Chicken Chasers or Austrian BTW. YHC said why not LEGGO!!

Chicken Chasers- 10
People Chair- PAX 10 count (only got through 5 packs

Wimpie said whats a chicken Chaser? YHC said basically a mountain climber upside down. He said you can do but I aint. Wimpie did it anyway.

Circle Up

Half pipe- Recovery from a nasty fall on his bike
King Pin- Week 5 Prostate cancer radiation treatment
Abu- Dad
Prayers for everyone on July 4th

Convergence- BLP- 7 start time, there will be a run and a bootcamp

It was a great morning in the gloom with the PAX. Everyone pushed hard. F3 has done so much in YHCs life. I am a better man because of this work out group. I am proud to be the site Q for TheSchoolYard. I encourage all PAX if you have never posted there try it out or if you have never Qed there try that out as well. GOOD WORK MEN!!

Mermaid Out

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