EC:  Haavaad, Beer Garden, Silverado & YHC did close to three miles


Warm Up:  Pledge; 15 SSH; 20 Butt Kickers; 1 Burpee for Fun


The Thang:  Mosey to the track and count off in to two groups.  Each group goes in a opposite direction for a full lap indian run around the track and meets back for a round of Jack Webb’s.  After Jack Webb’s we did another lap indian run with your group


Next we did a sprint to the bleachers for 3 rounds of Triple B’s; Balls to the Bleachers (5 count each PAX), followed by a bear crawl to the track and 10 group burpees


Next we did a mosey to an endzone on the field for four rounds of suicides (25, 50, 75, 100). After each round we did alternating 5 merkins and 5 WWI by each PAX


Finished with 20 flutter kicks




Prayer Requests:  Unspoken requests


Announcements:  101 days until Sasquatch (July 31);  Fruity Pebbles has the Q next week at the School Yard;


Quote of the Day:  “Almost anybody can accomplish almost anything if they work at it long enough, hard enough and smart enough. Your brain has no idea what your body is capable of and your body has no idea what your brain is capable of” Mark Batterson from the book Win The Day


Awesome group this morning!  Welcome Lettuce to F3! Keep encouraging others!


Until next time ……. Stern

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