{Title explanation-my license plate is “DA-2” for Second Judicial District. Some of my friends call me “DA dos.” }

WARM UP: Sprinklers were going full blast on our normal warm up spot so by suggestion we moved over to the parking lot and began as follows:

  • Good mornings 15 IC
  • Butt kickers 10 IC
  • Happy Jacks: 5 IC; rinse and repeat
  • Annie’s 10 IC

THE THANG: A short mosey to Gaylord’s ledge for 5 partner assisted pull-ups; rinse and repeat. We then divided into 2 groups of 8 and performed an Indian Run in opposite directions, meeting perfectly at the end of the boardwalk near Builder’s Source. Next up: a descending crawl as follows:

  • 5 Merkins-bear crawl to opposite curb-crab walk back; then 4 Merkins and so on until down to 1.

Mosey to First Baptist Church, where I was baptized at age 14! We each took a cinder block, circled up, and performed 10 Blockees OYO. A short set of lunges followed, and then we “Bobby Hurleyed” to Second Street with a few jump squats after a “defense!” prompt. Mosey to courthouse from there.

“Matlock G Block”: 2 groups of 8 on each side of steps

  • Descending 5 merkins, up steps, 5 squats, down steps, 4 Merkins, etc., down to 1. Mosey to east side parking of FUMC, my home church since my return to Washington in 1992.
    • 20 forward arm circles IC
    • 20 reverse IC
    • 20 seal claps IC
    • 20 overhead claps IC
  • shortest mosey in F3 history-about 10 steps-to FUMC prayer garden; knelt in the darkness for short prayer-mosey to downtown Alley for a “Crazy Indian”

Return to Waterfront for Bermuda Triangle, shortened due to time constraints: BC to each cone followed by 3 burpies at each.

With about 1 minute to spare, we finished up with back planks and 10 LBCs. Ended with nameorama and prayer. YHC Matlock


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