When I pulled up to the Waterfront about 10 minutes before go time, I was surprised to see so many PAX gathered already.  By the time we circled up, 17 PAX and 1 FNG had gathered for a 45 minute fast paced beat down.


GM x 10 IC

SSH x 20 IC

IWx15 IC

The Thang

Mosey to Moss Landing

Mike Tysons x 20 IC

Mosey down the boardwalk to the Estuarium

DIMS x 5 (one exercise per light pole all the way to the end of the waterfront)

EC = circle back for the 6 and finish with them

Box Jumps x25 OYO at the end of the waterfront on wall or picnic tables

Indian Run race back to start – PAX divided up into 2 lines

11’s with burpees and jump lunges (reduced to 6’s for time)


Crab cakes x 15 IC

Hello Dolly x 10 IC

LBC’s x 50 OYO



FNG naming – “Midwife” (he’s half the woman his wife is)


I had a great time as QIC and appreciate the opportunity.  I was humbled by the turnout today.  It is amazing how much we have grown since August of last year.  We now have something going on to post to 6 days a week!  Unforgiven run focused workout in the morning at the Waterfront at 5am.  Don’t forget to RSVP for the convergence this Saturday.

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