Today’s workout was special to me as it was the first time I Q’d at the waterfront. All Pax agree it is the best Post we have as there are so many options to design a workout around…not to mention the waterfront feel.  In particular, the sun coming up earlier allows for an amazing sky and you feel that you are welcoming the day.

Overall I had a plan to include Blocks, which live at the Baptist church down the street,  as we have neglected them for some time. I was also wanting to put in the signature Conch Crawl. The rest would need to evolve around that. But the Waterfront offers so many options, how to design something that would be effective and within the timeframe….hmm.

This is what we did!

Welcome –

-Disclaimer –  Informed the PAX that I was not a professional, trained or certified. Reminded folks to listen to their body.

Warm up.

  • 20 Buttkickers (IC)
  • 20 Don Q (IC)
  • 20 SSHs (IC)

Without notice we broke into a mosey west on Water street the hung sharp left to boardwalk and ultimately to the waterfront pavilion.

Stop #1 for  Dips on benches. 30  and Squats 50 Rinse and repeat  2x

Following that lined up for Indian run east down the wooden with a focus to keep the line tight. Too often we get spread out.

Stop # 2 was at the corner of the boardwalk, split in two groups Group 1= 25 dirkins and Group 2 =  50 LBC. Rotate when completed and rinse and repeat 2x

Wanting to keep the pace fluid, once 6 in, mosey to the Baptist church to find our lonely Blocks. While waiting on Six, Pax pulled out the Blocks from their cozy sleeping place behind the cypress tree. With the Six in, instructions were to break into previous groups. Group 2 would walk blocks down 50 yards from Group 1. This was also the built in 10 count.

Stop #3 YHC then gave instructions for the workout.  Two groups with blocks 50 yards apart facing each other.  Group 1 would do 30 curls. Group 2 would do 30 presses. Once complete, rotate by Conch Crawl to opposite group’s station.  Conch Crawl = Crab Walk 10 paces, flip 5 Merkins, Backwards Bear Crawl 10 paces, flip to Crab Walk – rinse and repeat until at destination (50yrds).

Intent was to do this 3x but only did it 2x due to time.

Mosey back to flag to circle up.  YHC announced that he has heard that a no workout is complete without Burpees. This may be part by-law or possibly urban legend, regardless 10 Burpess were called out OYO.  They were intended for earlier during the run, but YHC quickly modified and reserved them for the end due to time concerns.

With a few mins left, YHC announced another favorite, Crab Cakes with Gaylord leading cadence. Nothing provides a better workout conclusion than to see a Chorus Line of guys doing Crab Cakes IC as a increasingly faster pace. By the end the Pax is usually in laughter.

Closing- Count-a-rama / Name-a-rama 13 PAX (actually 14 as Leprechaun had to leave early, but head-locked him for Saturday post), announcements -none and Prayer request – for healing and comfort for Pax family and family members.

YHC closed in prayer, Thanked God for our ability to get out of bed and post. For the amazing creation of this morning.  For the fellowship of the Pax and the protection and provision for each of them and their family members. Lifting up Pax families that are in need of healing and comfort.  While the Lord doesn’t guarantee an easy path here on earth, he does guarantee that he will always be by our side…his rod and staff they comfort us.

Really enjoyed this morning!

YHC – Conch.


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