In honor of the kickoff of football season, 16 PAX stayed on the field at the Waterfront and did some modified football drills, modified in sense of F3 names and harder than what I remember doing, minus the hitting!

The Thang: Warmed up with 20 side straddle hops in cadence, 20 merkins in cadence, 20 flutter kicks in cadence and 20 sweat angels in cadence and immediately went into a drill YHC always hated, up-downs, but with something extra, a burpee, so PAX pumped our feet until YHC said down and then back for a total of 15.  Then PAX sprinted from the flags to the boardwalk in a race with the challenge that if YHC finished first then the other PAX would do 10 burpees and if YHC was last, YHC would do 10, YHC was not first not last.  Enron said he does not remember seeing most run that fast before.  We then did high knees all the way to Gaylord’s Ledge where each PAX did 3 pull-ups OYO and then sprinted back to flags with same challenge as in the first sprint, YHC was in the middle of the pack.

Next up, instead of bull in the ring, the PAX did bear outside the ring.  The PAX circled up and held plank while each PAX did bear crawl around the others.  Midway through PAX switched from plank to Al Gore’s and then added squats.

Next was a variation on suicides called suicide burpees.  PAX ran to first set of cones about 10 yards out and did 5 burpees and then back to start for 1 burpee, then to next line for 10 and 1, then to third line for 15 and 1.   Next on to Bearkins(sort of) – using same cone lines PAX bear crawled to first line and did 10 diamond merkins, lunged to next line for 10 peter-parker merkins, and crab walked to next for 10 wide-arm merkins.  PAX rinsed and repeated back down to the start.

PAX then moseyed to the big drains and did 11s, starting with box jumps up on the drains and squats and then moseyed back to flags to finish with 15 George and Weezy Jeffersons, 15 American hammers, 20 World War IIs, and rounded things out with 5 burpees at the urging of Flo (maybe all the FIA jabs made him feel the need for redemption)

Prayer requests:  Leprechaun’s job interview, Flo’s daughter Emma’s medical condition, Duct Tape’s son’s ACL surgery today, our churches, teachers, families and marriages

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