Yet another beautiful warm day and the PAX was itching to get after it today.  They all knew that I usually give them a good beatdown but I am working through a groin strain which has kept me at bay for the last two weeks and really pushing the limit.

We began the day with a simple warm up IC – Good Mornings, Don Quixote’s, and SSH.  From there it was a mosey over to our long alley way on main street where the PAX performed balls to the wall and the peoples chair going to the length of the alley way.  One catch is while performing the two exercises one PAX member had to bear crawl from one end of the line to the other before the next man followed.  There was definitely some moaning and groaning that was going on after that.  Next, another short mosey over the the CresCom parking lot on 3rd street where the PAX was introduced to a plyometric style jump exercise to push there legs to another level – plyoleaps.  This is done from a stand still position and the first move is a short 6-8 inch jump backwards and then a quick explosive leap forward as far out as you can make it.  Once you land you collect yourself and perform it over and over again, this was done for about 50 yards.  On the way back we performed the same style leap but from a sideways position.  Small jump to either side depending on which way you faced followed but a large jump in the opposite direction.  Soreness was starting to kick in.  A final short mosey over to the People Pier where each PAX member performed 10 pullups followed by 10 chinups.  Now back to the flags and the large gazebo where we all relaxed with some Broga to finish off the final 15 minutes of the day.

COT and prayers

I must say it is impressive to watch these men grow from week to week.  To see how far some have come from when they first started working out and to see where they are now its crazy.  Keep up the good work men and lets see how far we can push each other to become better men.

Till next time….Enron

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