Welcome the Pax, significance of the day: Nixon, Joan of Arc, 6,000 die, Steve Jobs announces the IPhone

Warm up – Good Mornings, Jack Webbs, High Knees, Don Quixotes, Buttkickers, Sun Gods then a mosey to the church.

15 curls, 15 shoulder press, 15 goblet squats, 15 dead lifts, 15 swirlies, 15 american hammers..mosey to the gazebo.

Work on your core; high plank, spiderman plank, low plank, tornado drill, 20 high plank shoulder taps, OYO superman, cobra, 20 weezy jeffersons, Tornado drill, fire hydrants, mosey around the F´n loop.  5 merkins, 10 squats, 5 side straddle hops, repeat four times with 5 seconds in between.

mosey to the peoples pier.  Monkey humpers, 15 alternating forward lunges, mountain climbers

Mosey back to the circle, 15 WWIIs 15 bicycles, 15 box cutters, 15 flutter kicks

Cool down – side lunge from sumo position, stand on one leg stretch each side.  COT counterama, roll call, announcements, prayer requests and prayer.


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