Solo EC this am-kinda dicey in this neck of the wood

7:Pax arrives-Game time decision on either doing RM WOD or usual BEATDOWN

Chose to do the majority choice

Warmup:Pledge(as expected), squats, mike Phelps, Imperial Walkers-all with Rucks on-STANDARD

Rucked to 4th street garage-sharing a 60#bag
15 reps Curls, tricep etension and OH presses-Rucks on

Bear Crawl the fist and 3rd inclines

At Top: Rucks in a pile, Peeps Chair-pass them down and back
Line up, rucks on, Merkins start with 2 and add 2 down the line and continue back to start

Ruck all the way down: on 6-Rucks OH Flutter kicks, Fred Mercs, Ruck thrusters

Ruck back up-Pax choice exercises(Cant remember what they were)

Ruck back down and back to the Flag(with the 60# bag) of course

3-4 min Mary

Prayesr: Praise for Our Brother Mayhem-crushing Covid, Greg Leitch, Frank Steinbeck passing, wife still battling Covid

Announcements: Take advantage of Qsource Sunday, Pray First Monday, Engage in Your Shield Lock

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