0700 YHC welcomes Pax to inaugural “The Storm” and his VQ

Warm-up: Pledge of allegiance, hillbillies (because those are my people), squats, Michael Phelps, and arm-circles, front and reverse until YHC voice inflection snafu ends that prematurely.

Rucked down to the river via 3rd street to Pitt St. and down to the Town Commons (doubled back for the six).  The herd rumbled along the Tar River walkway until we reached the Amphitheater, and there we took the stage.  It was time to pay respects to old “116”. 

Divided the herd into two man teams to perform 3 exercises together, one on stage exercises while the other moseyed up the trail and back, and then they switched.

Squats (rucks on) – 116

Merkins (rucks on) – 116

Flutter Kicks (rucks overhead) – 116

Rucked back up and exit stage left.  Rucked through the town commons and across the wooden rucking bridge for more herd scenery.  Doubled back on 1st street, took a left on Reade street and rucked up to 5th street.  There we rucked past “116” 5th street and high fived that address without setting off the alarm, and without delay because the herd was stampeding back to the flag (good stuff at that establishment I hear but resist because it will you make all soft and stuff).

Back to the flag at 07:57.  YHC tried to squeeze in 116 more reps…

Curls – 23

Tri Extensions – 23

Curls – 23

Tri Extensions – times up 08:00


Count-a-rama – 15 with the Q


Prayer Requests:  Noonan and his health, others still recovering from Covid and those adversely affected by it in many ways

Praise Report: Rafiki’s wife had professional accomplishment she has been striving for and everyone was pleased to hear of her success!

Announcements: There were many and I apologize that this 54 year old YHC cannot remember them in detail.  Lot’s of upcoming Q’s, check the F3ENC calendar.

Thank you Haavaad for the VQ opportunity! – Short Round –  “He no nuts, he’s crazy!”

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