EC:6-7 just a rucking

Tha Thang: 7 am-8

WARM: M Phelps, G Morns, Imp Walkers

Worked in groups of 5-6 on log around the AO
Proper lift to waist on 3, to shoulder on 3
Proper alternating carry
Proper rotation-without slow down

Ruck up and heading over to the Parking deck
On the way-stopped for some Squirrels(Squat curls with ruck in hand)

At the parking deck
Partner up:
Partner A runs up and down the stairs while partner B planks-flip flop
Partner A runs up again while B curls for them girls-flip flop
Partner A runs up again while B tricep extensions-flip flop

Ruck up the entire parking deck with purpose

At the Apex-arrange rucks in a neat pile
Assume the peeps chair position
Hand the rucks down the line
Hand them back to the start

Ruck 2 x 2 back to Flag
Flutter kicks rucks OH until the bell rang

Prayers: injured Pax

Announcement: Convergence Sat 11/27 at BLP

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